Finance and Investing

The up-and-coming young leaders shaping Canada's economy, culture, and society.
Vice President - Habib Canadian Bank

Alykhan Jadavji

  • Toronto
Director Strategy - Manulife

Salima Neek Gilani

  • Toronto
CEO & Co-Founder - Pocketed

Brianna Blaney

  • Vancouver
Managing Director - Front Row Ventures

Emmanuelle Coppinger

  • Montreal
Vice President, Indigenous Financial Services - Scotiabank

Jonathan Davey

  • Toronto
Principal - Brightspark Ventures

Eleonore Jarry-Ferron

  • Montreal
Chief Financial Officer - Helcim Inc.

Marjorie Junio-Read

  • Calgary
CEO - Flahmingo

Taran Singh Kainth

  • Calgary
CEO/Founder - Jennifer Kapedani CPA

Jennifer Kapedani

Co-Founder and CEO - LumiQ

Michael Kravshik

  • Toronto
Strategy & Projects - Neo Financial

Karli Leitl

  • Calgary
Lead Analyst - Broad Street Bulls VC

Jonathan Lipoth

  • Regina
CEO / Founder - McRally

Quan Ly

  • Calgary
Chief Financial Officer - Currently Independent under Stratera Ventures Inc.

Kashif Malik

  • Toronto
President - Liberty Mutual Canada

Robert Marsh

  • Toronto
Director of Venture Capital - RBCx

Anthony Mouchantaf

  • Toronto
Co-founder & Head of Product - Float

Ruslan Nikolaev

  • Toronto
Chief Technology Officer - Helcim Inc.

Brett Popkey

  • Calgary
COO - Helcim Inc.

Rob Park

  • Calgary
Product Manager - INVRS

Eli Rodney

Partner - Golden Ventures

Jamie Rosenblatt

  • Toronto
Chief Operating Officer - Flinks

Dominique Samson

  • Montreal
CEO/Founder - ControlHQ

Kevin Sandhu

  • Vancouver
Vice President, Operations - Brane Inc.

Emile Scheffel

  • Vancouver
Founder and CEO - Pisano Insights

Shamsher Vellani

  • Vancouver
Senior Account Manager - BDC

Chikei Yeung

  • Ottawa
Chief Compliance Officer, Payments - Wealthsimple

Hanna Zaidi

  • Toronto

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