The up-and-coming young leaders shaping Canada's economy, culture, and society.
Owner/Operator RPN FCNed - Next Step Foot Care

Brette Cain

  • Atikokan
Founder & CEO - VTMN Packs

Laurie Cook

  • Toronto
Director - Vaccine Hunters Canada

Sabrina Craig

  • Toronto
Managing Director, Connectivity - Think Research Corporation

Brynne Eaton-Auvaa

  • Toronto
CEO - Jack, Jill and Cover Health

Ahmad Elkalza

  • Mississauga
Co-Founder & CEO - Opencare

Cameron Howieson

  • Toronto
Co-Founders and CEO - Bird&Be Co.

Breanna Hughes and Samantha Diamond

  • Toronto
Software Architect - MacroHealth

Victor Kazakov

  • Vancouver
Graduate Student - University of Alberta

Jasmine Maghera

  • Edmonton
CEO - Pharmacists Manitoba

Tanjit Nagra

  • Winnipeg
Founder - Cared Upon

Jabir Nathu

  • Vancouver
AVP Marketing - League

Rebecca Orellana

  • Toronto
Co-founder and CEO - Eli

Marina Pavlovic Rivas

  • MontrĂ©al
Director of Kinesiology - Advanced Medical Group

Spencer Raposo

  • London
Co-Founder & CEO - Feminuity

Dr. Sarah Saska

  • Toronto
Vice President, Business Development - Swift Medical

Phil Wigmore

  • Toronto
Co-Founder, Stand Up For Health

Saad Ahmed

  • Vancouver

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