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Co-Founder, Partner / Co-Founder - Whitman Emorson / Jems

Whitney Geller

  • Toronto
Founder - Aughdem Recruitment

Maz Artang

  • Vancouver
Co-Founder - CSuite Content Agency

Caroline Carter

  • Vancouver
Business Marketing Lead, Canada - Pinterest

Yen Conrod Tran

  • Toronto
Creative Director - Public office

Caila Danielle Stangl

  • Toronto
CEO - CourseCompare

Robert Furtado

Founder, CEO - Pipikwan Pêhtâkwan

Shani Gwin

  • Edmonton
Founder & CEO - SitePartners

Andrew Hansen

  • Vancouver
Co-founder - Socialdrop Inc.

Eden Hazan

  • Toronto
Director of Business Development - Be A Part Of

Arman Iranpour

  • Toronto
Co-Founder & CEO - Blockthrough

Marty Kratky-Katz

  • Toronto
Creative Director - Socialdrop Inc.

Emily Levy

  • Toronto
CEO & Founder - Limage Media Group | Give Share Humanitarian Software

Stephanie Limage

  • Vancouver
Founder - WILD Public Relations Inc.

Kristen Novak

  • Calgary
Co-founder & CEO - OutPoint

Rob Palumbo

  • Toronto
Managing Director - Studio Sophomore Inc.

Cainan Querido

  • Toronto
In House Creative - Co-Founder and Head of Business Dev

Zachary Ronski

  • Toronto
Managing Director - Briteweb

Rachel Segal

  • Quathiaski Cove
Director of Production - Brainrider Canada

Kaneesha Serjue

  • Vancouver
Director of B2B Marketing - CanadaHelps

Claire Spicer

  • Toronto
CEO - Flywheel Digital

Michael Steele

  • Vancouver
Communications Manager - Central 1

Paige Strand

  • New Westminster
Brand Marketing Manager - 1Password

Anna Tannas

  • Toronto

Vinod Varma

  • Vancouver
Founder, CEO - Embold Inc.

Umair Tazeem

  • Calgary

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