The up-and-coming young leaders shaping Canada's economy, culture, and society in 2023.

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Founder & CEO - Flashfood

Josh Domingues

Founder & CEO - Paystone

Tarique Al-Ansari

CEO - Fable

Alwar Pillai

Founder & CEO - HiredHippo

Adam Gellert

CoFounder - OnDeck Fisheries AI Inc.

Alexander Dungate

CEO - Dynamo

Amir Metwally

CEO - Requity Homes Inc.

Amy Ding

CoFounder - PolicyMe

Andrew Ostro

Founder - Shelfgram

Bram Warshafsky

Manager, Venture Studio Program and Client Experience - Accelerator Centre

Chris Leclerc

CEO - Plooto

Hamed Abbasi

CoFounder - Postalgia Inc.

Ilan Mann

Director of National Operations - YELL Canada

Katty Wang

CoFounder & COO - Halp

Marc Fielding

CEO & CoFounder - Glowstick

Masha Krol

Founder & COO - Goodkind

Michael Warshafsky

Founder and President - Speakwell

Jordyn Benattar

Director, Operations & Special Projects - The DMZ

Natasha Campagna

CoFounder and CTO - Zettlor

Zach Waterfield

Founder & CEO - BuyAndSellABusiness.com

Nunzio Presta

Founder & COO - Clutch

Steve Seibel

Product Manager - Aviron Active | Owner - TinderPhotography.ca

Talib Contractor

Co-Founder and CEO, Surf

Swish Goswami

Founder & CEO - Venture for Canada

Scott Stirrett

Founder & CEO

Rima Al Shikh

CoFounder - TKS

Nadeem Nathoo

Co-Founder & CEO - Metacommerce

Ryan Watkins

Founder & CEO - Forma.ai

Nabeil Alazzam

Business Development Manager - Indigenous Entrepreneur Start-up Program (IESP) - Futurpreneur Canada

Noah Wilson

Co-Founder & CEO - Outpoint

Rob Palumbo

Co-Founders - Sociavore

Amina Gilani and Thusenth Dhavaloganathan

CEO - Caddle

Ransom Hawley

Entrepreneurship Chairs

Founder & CEO, Koble

Swatti Matta

Founder, Flashfood

Josh Domingues

Vice President, Business Banking, CIBC

Cynthia Sanlian

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