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The up-and-coming young leaders shaping Canada's economy, culture, and society in 2023.

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Principal - Alate Partners | CoFounder - Proptech Collective

Courtney Cooper

CoFounder & Managing Director - Equivesto Inc.

Alexander Morsink

Founder & CEO - Sumit Business Solutions

Aleasha DeWeerdt

Founder & President - AuditDashboard

Dave Mundy

Partner & Head of Business Development - Thin Air Labs

Andrew Browne

ESG Director - Mackenzie Investments

David Frazer

Director of Financial Planning and Analysis - Sleep Country

Bilal Surahyo

Founder & CEO - Manzil

Dr. Mohamad Sawwaf

Investor - Expa

Dylan Itzikowitz

Director - CIBC Innovation Banking

Shelley Li

Manager, Business Development - Investment Management Corporation of Ontario

Thomas Robson

Senior Investment Associate - GreenSky Capital

Moien Giashi

Vice President - District Ventures Capital

Pete Cobban

Commercial Sales Manager - Insurance, Western Financial Group

Nicole Schmidt

Writer - Canadian Fintech Newsletter

Tal Schwartz

Financial Service Representative - CIBC

Vedang Patel

Founder & Content Strategist - Reni The Resource

Reni Odetoyinbo

Senior Principal & Chief of Staff to the Chairman and CEO - Sagard

Mariama Dupuis

Vice President of Finance & Operations - ThinkData Works

Trisha Egberts

CoFounder - ConnectCPA

Mike Pinkus

Senior Investment Analyst - Sandpiper Ventures

Tope Salawudeen

Director, Institutional Equity Sales - CIBC capital markets

Laura Baker

Chief Financial Officer - CAAT Pension Plan

Michael Dawson

Director of Strategic Partnerships - Boast AI

Anastasia Hambali

Health Lead at Thin Air - Thin Air Labs | Chair at Branch Out - Branch Out Neurological Foundation

Crystal Philips

Investment Associate - Techstars Toronto

Alisha Golden

Head of Business Development & Legal Affairs - Paycase | Business and Corporate Development - Shyft Network

Zach Justein

Director - Wittington Ventures

Qasim Mohammad

Entrepreneur in Residence - Entrepreneur First

Andrew Wells

Executive Director, Technology Investment Banking - CIBC

Asha Soares

Project Chair - Nishkam Seva Charitable Foundation

Harkirat Sunner

CoFounder & General Partner - Boon Fund

Matthew Stein

Associate, Sustainability Advisory - CIBC Capital Markets

Hao Tian (she/her)

Director, Business Banking - CIBC

Jaime Whetstone

Finance and Investing Chairs

Partner, Alate

Courtney Cooper

Director, CIBC Innovation Banking

Shelley Li

CEO, Republic Developments

Matt Young

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