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CoFounder & CEO - Epilogue

Daniel Goldgut

Capital Markets Partner - Aird & Berlis LLP

Aaron Bains

Partner - McCarthy Tetrault LLP

Atrisha Lewis

Lawyer - Thornton Grout Finnigan LLP

Rachel Nicholson

Lawyer - DLA Piper (Canada) LLP

Antony Cortese

Vice President, Corporate Development and Ventures - Clio

Shubham Datta

Co-Director - Community Justice Collective

Sima Atri

Senior Lawyer - Fasken | Executive Chef - Darbar | Fund Principal - 5Rivers Capital

Simar Anand

Founder & Lawyer - Regent Law

Talon Regent

CEO - N3XTEP Divorce

Beau Atkins

Lawyer and Founder - Goodlawyer and Koch Law Professional Corporation

Alexandra Koch

COO and General Counsel - Goodlawyer

Joshua Weinberger

Head of Legal Talent - Goodlawyer

Matt Scrivens

Strategic Advisor - Goodlawyer

Lisa Tan

Partner - McKercher LLP/Goodlawyer

Joe Gill

Associate - McCarthy Tétrault

Chris Puskas

Associate - Paul, Weiss

Lewis Fainer

Founder/Lawyer - Camino Law Group

Cesar Agudelo

Legal Chairs

Partner, Aird & Berlis

Aaron Bains

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