Food, Drink, and Consumer Products

The up-and-coming young leaders shaping Canada's economy, culture, and society in 2024.
Leaders Circle
Co-Founder, Grüvi

Anika Sawni

Founder & Owner, Promise Supply

David King

CEO, Bushbalm

David Gaylord

Co-Founder & CEO, Humble Snacks Inc.

Alicia Lahey

Owner & Founder, Wine by Renée

Renée Sferrazza

CEO & Founder, Bro Dough

Erica Rankin

Co-Founder, CouchHaus

Paige Sandher

General Manager, Venturepark Labs

Stella Antonio

Co-Founder & CEO, Mindful FÜD

Venessa Stonehouse

COO, Plant Up Inc.

Jesse Kosher

Founder & CEO, Handfuel

Cole Richman

Co-Founder, Head of Sales & Marketing, Libra Beverage Company

Deborah Coleman

CEO, Local Line

Cole Jones

President, Courtney Turk Interiors

Courtney Turk

Regional Innovation Director (Prairies), Canadian Food Innovation Network

Hubba Khatoon

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