Alberta says “no” to rampant renewables

                              Alberta       Scared birds


 “Maybe we should cool it with all these new wind turbines.”

What happened: After lifting a seven-month ban on new renewable energy projects, Alberta has introduced rules restricting where future developments can set up shop in order to keep prime agricultural lands for farmers and preserve the province’s “pristine viewscapes.”

  • New renewable energy developments will not be able to be built on lands that are deemed to be high-quality for farming, or even just okay for certain specialty crops

Catch-up: Alberta has been the hot spot for solar and wind developments thanks to its sunny skies and strong winds blowing across wide-open spaces. In 2022, 75% of all new Canadian renewable developments were built there, raising concerns about land use. 

Why it matters: Alberta was responsible for over 92% of Canada’s growth in renewable energy last year. With the province turning its back on wind turbines and solar panels, other provinces might have to pick up the slack to keep the transition to green electricity afloat.  

Big picture: Alberta kneecapping an industry that has brought it billions in investments shows just how contentious renewables are. Even as the feds push forward renewable energy, the backlash to it will remain, as will concerns about reliability and agricultural degradation.—QH