Hollywood North hits the big time

Ryan Reynolds isn’t the only producer setting up shop in Canada—camera crews from all kinds of studios are flocking to the Great White North in droves.

What happened: According to new Stats Canada data, the country’s film, television and video production industry saw record revenues of $11.3 billion in 2021, with shows like The Handmaid’s TaleThe Boys, and the HBO hit The Last of Us all filmed in Hollywood North.  

  • In Canada, TV shows accounted for almost 60% of all shoots and Toronto enjoyed the highest boost to its economy, at $2.5 billion. Sarah Polley’s 2023 Oscar winner Women Talking, for instance, was filmed in locations across Toronto and Pickering

Why it matters: A bustling film industry helps boost regional economies both directly and indirectly across areas like tourism, hospitality, and services. In BC, the sector employs 61,000 to 72,000 people, and has added $30.1 billion to the economy over the last 10 years.

  • In 2021 alone, Ontario enjoyed a $2.88 billion economic boost from almost 400 productions, helping to fuel job growth in smaller cities like Hamilton and Sudbury.

  • Tax incentives at federal and provincial levels help Canada beat out the international competition for productions. Laws also set local talent quotas for production crews.

What’s next: Statistics Canada says “persistent demand” for streaming content will continue to boost the film and TV industry over the medium term, and provinces like Saskatchewan and Alberta have been rolling out even more tax incentives to keep cameras rolling.