Marineland stays in hot water

Marineland’s marketing team might’ve forgotten to consult the animals before deciding to stick with the famous “Everyone loves Marineland” jingle.

Driving the news: Marineland has denied claims that it’s closing down, despite a tumultuous month that has included animal cruelty charges and reports of two more dead whales, bringing the park’s tally of whale deaths to a gut-wrenching 17 since 2019. 

  • Marineland was found guilty of animal cruelty earlier this month, over claims that three young black bears lived in cramped quarters with little food or water for months.

Why it matters: With Marineland’s poor track record for animal welfare, the recent animal cruelty charges, and the fact that Canadians appear to be losing their appetite for the whole “keeping animals captive for entertainment” thing, business is far from booming at the park.

  • A 2019 survey found that over half of Canadians oppose keeping animals in captivity, a number that is expected to grow, particularly among young people.

  • Plus, it's been illegal to bring new whales or dolphins into Canada for entertainment since 2019, meaning Marineland won’t be able to replace the crowd-luring belugas.

What’s next: Marineland’s lawyers will surely be keeping busy. Sentencing for the cruelty charges will begin in August, and the U.S. government is still investigating the deaths of two beluga whales that died shortly after being sent to Connecticut from Marineland.—LA