What to do this weekend

Eat roasted vegetables and labneh. We’ve been all in on labneh lately — the delectable Middle Eastern cheese made from strained yogurt. It’s both filling and fresh, and pairs perfectly with some roasted carrots and potatoes. Check out this recipe for some inspiration.

Read this year’s International Booker prize nomineesThe prestigious literary award has released its shortlist of the six novels that will go head-to-head for the top prize. The judging committee described them as “implicitly optimistic,” which sounds like a nice change of pace. 

Watch Franklin on Apple TV+. The miniseries about Benjamin Franklin going on a covert mission to France in 1776 is mostly interesting to us because Michael Douglas plays old Ben Frank. What a delightful idea! We’ve missed Douglas’s unmatched sleazeball energy. 

Listen to Diamond Jubilee by Cindy Lee. The newest album from the Calgary rock band is a trip. Clocking in at just over two hours, it's a rich tapestry of lo-fi scuzz and psychedelia. Also, it’s only available on YouTube or on this very retro website, which is a cute touch.—QH