What to do this weekend

Eat a slice of savoury French toast. The brunch staple doesn’t have to be doused in syrup and berries. The fluffy egginess is a perfect vehicle for umami as well as sweet. Why not try out this Indian-inspired masala toast or this crunchy variant with cornflakes and pecans? 

Read Making Sense of Chaos by J. Doyne Farmer. The debut book from the director of Oxford’s complex economics program is his manifesto on how to update the practice of economics for the modern world — optimizing big data and computers to predict chaos. 

Watch The Fall Guy, now in theatres. A throwback action romcom? Directed by the guy who co-directed John Wick?? Starring Canada’s top export Ryan Gosling and the eternally underrated Emily Blunt??? Uhh, yeah, we’ll be there with a bucket of popcorn at the ready. 

Listen to Radical Optimism by Dua Lipa. We always love to support a fellow newsletter writer, especially when they make great pop music. We’ve been absentmindedly humming the lead single, “Houdini,” for months now, so it’ll be a treat to hear the whole album.—QH