A.I. now stands for Apple Intelligence

Apple’s developers conference has been about one thing and one thing only so far: the iPad finally getting a calculator… just kidding. It’s all about AI. Shocking, we know. 

What happened: Apple unveiled Apple Intelligence, an AI upgrade coming this fall for newer devices. It includes writing productivity tools à la Microsoft’s Copilot, a custom emoji maker, and a Siri with more capabilities and better language skills (lord knows she needed them). 

  • Apple also partnered with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into its operating systems, which will let users turn to the chatbot if Siri isn’t giving them what they want. 

Why it matters: Apple has been an AI laggard, but its ‘better late than never’ approach could pay off. These initial offerings look impressive and could stoke more competition in the AI sector.

  • At least, that’s what Apple hopes will happen. Sales for iPhones have slumped compared to competitors that have already integrated AI, and Microsoft stole the crown of the world’s most valuable company

Bottom line: The AI boom has put Apple in a strange position: playing catch-up and forced to put out a potentially imperfect product despite its infamous penchant for perfection.—QH