What to do this weekend

Eat feta fried eggs. The latest TikTok breakfast trend puts a new spin on a classic combo: Cheese and eggs. Making it is simple—think egg-in-the-hole, but replace the bread with a huge mound of feta cheese. For further instructions, check this recipe from Taste of Home

Read River Mumma by Zalika Reid-Benta. The Giller Prize nominee’s much-anticipated debut novel is a magical realist tale about an aimless young woman sent on a wild 24-hour quest through the streets of Toronto to find a Jamaican mermaid deity’s lost comb. 

Watch Suits on Netflix… if you haven’t already. The frothy legal drama, which has been off the air for four years, has inexplicably been shattering streaming records since it came to Netflix in June. We don’t know why, exactly, though we do agree it’s a highly enjoyable show. 

Listen to 99 Nights by Charlotte Cardin. The rising Montréal pop star broke out with her last record, which claimed Album of the Year at the 2022 Junos. Her newest might be even better, offering slinky, sultry pop with nocturnal production and her inimitable voice.—QH