What to do this weekend

Eat some fancy fries to celebrate National Julienne Fries Day! These skinny guys—also known as ‘matchstick or ‘shoestring’ fries—date back to at least 1722, but haven’t aged a day in terms of tastiness. Whip them up at home with this recipe from The Happy Foodie.  

Read Billionaires’ Row by Katherine Clarke, a Wall Street Journal reporter’s riveting recounting of how Manhattan’s ultra-exclusive set of high-rise residences came to be. It’s a story full of wild characters, stomach-churning greed, and vicious one-upmanship.

Watch a meteor shower. The annual Perseids meteor shower happens this weekend and will be especially visible to Canadian skywatchers, with the peak of the shower occurring Saturday night into Sunday morning. Check out this article for times and tips to watch.

Listen to an unreleased Neil Young album. Originally completed in 1977, Young decided to keep Chrome Dreams off the shelves until now. While many songs have made their way onto other Young releases, they’re collected together in proper form for the first time.—QH