You’ve heard of Mambo No. 5, but what about Indictment No. 4?

We regret to inform you that it’s finally time to talk about Donald Trump’s legal troubles. 

What happened: The former US president has been indicted for a fourth time since March of this year, this time for allegedly trying to overturn 2020 election results in Georgia, a state where Joe Biden won the majority vote. 

Catch-up: The other three indictments include a New York state case concerning hush money payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels, a federal case concerning the illegal hoarding of classified documents, and another federal case related to election obstruction. 

  • Between the four indictments, Trump now faces 91 (not a typo) total criminal charges.     

Why it matters: Because of Georgia’s powerful RICO Act, Trump and his 18 co-defendants are being charged as a criminal enterprise. This is the most sweeping set of charges yet brought against Trump, with 161 distinct criminal acts alleged by the indictment.

  • The internet is getting excited because Georgia law allows for court cases to be televised. Folks, get ready for the TV event of the century. 

Yes, but: These charges aren’t hurting Trump’s chances of winning the Republican presidential nomination. In fact, his lead in the polls has only increased since his first indictment. 

  • However, a poll by Reuters and Ipsos found that this positive sentiment could shift in a general election

Bottom line: Even if Trump is found guilty of one or more of the 91 charges (possible) and ends up doing time (less likely), he has told reporters that he would run for president from behind bars. And legally, he could become the president while in prison.—QH