The Peak at TIFF 2023

The 48th Toronto International Film Festival—Canada’s largest film fest—is underway. Armed with a press pass, The Peak is on the ground and will watch some exciting flicks before they make their way to the general public. Here are the five we’re most excited for: 

Dumb MoneyA film seemingly made for us, this new dramedy from the director of I, Tonya stars Seth Rogen and recounts the great GameStonk phenomenon of 2021. Catch it in theatres later this month and take a trip down memory lane to that wonderfully stupid time. 

Hate to Love: NickelbackThis doc tracks the career of one of the most popular Canadian bands ever… and also one of the most hated. We’re excited to watch it and debate people about whether Nickelback is actually bad (sorry, but ”Burn It to the Ground” still goes hard).  

Dream ScenarioThe latest pickup from hotshot studio A24 was actually shot in Toronto! It’s an absurd satire starring Nicolas Cage as a listless professor who becomes an overnight celebrity, literally, when he begins appearing in people’s dreams all across the world. 

Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal PersonThe debut film from Québecois director Ariane Louis-Seize is a deadpan comedy about a teenage vampire who can only feast on people she has sympathy for. It looks dark, delightful, and positively hilarious. 

When Evil LurksHere’s one for you horror hounds. This Argentinian film deals with two brothers who must stop demonic possessions sweeping through their town. It’s playing at TIFF’s Midnight Madness, whose programmer called it the “super scary” film of the fest. 

Make sure to check in next Saturday to get our five favourite films of the fest!—QH