What to this weekend

Eat some soup. It’s officially the fall. What else were we going to recommend? It’s time to start downing litres of hot broth as you watch the leaves fall. Need some inspiration outside your standard Lipton’s chicken noodle? Check out these 62 easy recipes from Delish 

Read Doppelganger by Naomi Klein. In her latest work, the acclaimed Canadian writer and activist uses her own case of mistaken identity as a jumping-off point to explore the online world of disinformation and the bustling evolution of conspiracy theory culture. 

Watch Gordon Ramsay yell. After a nine-year hiatus, Kitchen Nightmares returns to the airwaves on Monday. To get ready for the new season, watch some classic episodes (all on YouTube). Our fave: Mill Street Bistro — one of the funniest episodes of TV ever.

Listen to The Reason We’re All Still HereThe new podcast from political scientist Jeffrey Lewis takes a look at how humanity has managed not to blow itself up with nukes despite, ya know, having nukes. It’s a heavy topic, but Lewis engages with it in a quirky, charming tone.—QH