Zelenskyy touches down in Canada

While you were asleep, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky landed in Canada. 

What happened: After hitting up a UN Security Council meeting in New York City this week, Zelenskyy is set to deliver an address to Parliament today, aiming to bring attention back to the war in Ukraine. He’ll then head to Toronto, home to 11% of all Ukrainian-Canadians.

  • Per POLITICO, Zelenskyy’s address is likely to be primarily in English this time around, which will likely carry more ‘oomph’ than speaking through an interpreter. 

Why it matters: Ukraine can’t win a war with Russia without international help. As the risk of “Ukraine fatigue” setting in grows, Zelenskyy is trying to rally support. Most lawmakers are still very committed to supporting Ukraine, but the idea has started to erode in some places. 

  • Zelenskyy is starting to worry about diminishing support among US Republicans and doesn’t want a legitimate debate on the issue to seep to other places, per POLITICO.

  • Yesterday, Polish authorities said they won’t send Ukraine any new weapons, as the ruling party tries to fend off a far-right competitor ahead of a national election.

Big picture: Canada has given over $1.5 billion in military commitments to Ukraine as of May 2023 (the US has given over $46 billion), including air defence missiles, armoured vehicles, tanks, and other weapons and ammunition, and continues to provide support.—SB