Silicon Valley loves longevity

Yachts and mansions are nice, but these days, Silicon Valley executives are chasing something money can’t buy: Time.  

Driving the news: The who’s who of Big Tech, including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, are leading a Silicon Valley effort to crack the code to longevity, per The Economist

  • They’re investing in startups designing drugs, therapies, and treatments that are all aimed at extending human lifespans by reversing how our cells age. 

Why it’s happening: The tech industry is going through a bit of a health craze. Between taking up jujitsu and drinking river water, executives have left the days of energy drink fuelled all-nighters behind and are instead re-focusing on slowing the aging process. 

  • In Canada alone, the anti-aging treatment market is already expected to grow from $54 million in 2022 to $164 million by 2030.

Why it matters: Longevity trends that started in Silicon Valley, like sleep tracking, sobriety, and different fasting strategies, are entering the mainstream. The commercial longevity industry is growing fast, as billionaires invest small fortunes into anti-aging innovations.—LA