What to do this weekend

Eat an easy-to-make, healthy dessert. You know a sweet is going to be a banger when it's in a cluster, nature’s tastiest shape. These strawberry yogurt bites making the TikTok rounds are no exception. The best part: They require no baking and use good-for-you ingredients. 

Read White Holes by Carlo Rovelli. We all know about black holes and how they suck up everything in their path. But we bet you’ve never heard of white holes, the completely theoretical phenomena which do the opposite. In this lively book, one physicist dives deep into them.

Watch a scary movie. It’s your civic duty to watch a spooky movie this Halloweekend, so check out Letterboxd’s top 250 highest-rated horror films. It spans an eclectic range of titles, from J-horror classic Cure to backyard monster mash Don’t Let the Riverbeast Get You.  

Listen to Madres by Sofia Kourtesis. The debut album from the Peruvian DJ is maybe the best dance music album of the year — an emotional and energetic triumph that puts a Latin twist to club-ready house music sounds. Put it on at your next party to get peoples’ feet moving.—QH