After 50 years, someone figured out how to make a thinner fridge

Even with all the screens and smart features, the basic form of a refrigerator hasn’t seen much innovation since the 1960s: A big box with thick foam that uses a lot of power. But Whirlpool might have changed that.

The problem: Fridges need a certain amount of insulation in order to keep things cold. That means owners either have to make do with the storage space available to them or buy a bigger fridge that uses more energy.

The solution: Whirlpool has spent six years developing a new insulation that will allow refrigerator doors to be 60% thinner and increase interior capacity by 25%. Depending on how exactly the insulation is used, it could cut energy use in half.

The powder-based insulation is also more versatile than polyurethane foam, meaning we could see fridges in shapes and forms different from the typical cabinets we are used to.