Amazon wants you to go back to (AI) school

Like us, you may have thought your school days were behind you… but since this AI thing seems to be sticking around, we might all be hitting the books again soon. 

What happened: Amazon is launching an AI skills program that will offer free training for up to two million people by 2025, including non-employees. The goal is to address the shortage of AI-trained talent that many companies are struggling with, per The Wall Street Journal. 

  • The program is centred around eight online courses at various experience levels, offering many types of workers training on leveraging AI in their current day jobs.

  • According to an Amazon survey, 73% of employers say hiring AI-skilled talent is a priority, but three-quarters of them say they’re unable to find enough AI-trained talent.

  • The program reflects a growing push by employers to not only hire more AI-savvy workers but to upskill their current employees with AI training (phew, what a relief).

Why it matters: Most businesses are plotting how they will use AI across their organizations over the next few years. More training can ensure teams are ready to embrace the transition — and can also help with individual job security and securing future pay bumps.—LA