McDonald’s moneymaker gets a makeover

With consumers starting to lean into burger options that are less… let’s say, mushy, McDonald’s is revamping its classic road trip staple. 

Driving the news: After seven years of testing, McDonald’s is making over 50 changes to its signature hamburgers, including the infamous Big Mac, as the world’s biggest fast-food chain tries to keep pace in the booming burger business, per The Wall Street Journal. 

  • The changes include cooking the beef patties in smaller batches for a better sear, more special sauce, fresher cheese and condiments, and a revamped brioche bun.   

Why it’s happening: McDonald's, while still one of the cheapest options for the oh-so-common fast food cravings, has been falling down the list of preferred burgers for consumers, with higher-end fast-casual options like Five Guys growing more popular. 

  • McDonald's is reverting back to some of its old tricks for making its burgers actually taste good—practices the company had axed in its chase for factory-like efficiency. 

Why it matters: Burgers are a clear catalyst for success in the nearly $50 billion Canadian fast food market. McDonald’s overhauling its marquee menu item speaks to how competitive the burger market has become and how hard chains will push to carve out a bigger piece of the pie.—LA