Feds restore Hockey Canada funding

After ten months of withholding funding, the feds are hoping the black sheep of Canadian sports has turned a new leaf. 

Google's running scared

It’s not often that Google's parent company Alphabet takes an L, but yesterday, shares dropped 2.66% after news of a potential disaster on the AI chatbot front broke. 

GM ditches CarPlay in new vehicles

Your car dashboard is shaping up to be the next front in the fight to own the screens we look at all day.

Driving the news: General Motors (GM) is abandoning Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto on many of its new electric vehicles, opting for its own proprietary software for multimedia displays. 

The race to regulate AI is on

Companies like OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft aren’t the only ones in an AI race. Regulators around the world are starting to get in on the action, too. 

Driving the news: US lawmakers, along with regulators in the EU and China, are starting to roll out proposals to regulate artificial intelligence companies and technology.

What to do this weekend

Our recommendations for what to eat, read, watch, and listen to this weekend.

Should we be more worried about AI?

We sat down with AI safety researcher Jérémie Harris on Free Lunch by The Peak to discuss his concerns about where AI is heading, and what it means for us.

Are customer service reps getting free goldfish?

Companies are using the “Santa Claus” method to win over customer service reps, i.e. showering them with practical and affordable gifts.

Why are people growing lettuce in BC warehouses?

When you think of a warehouse, you probably think of rusted shipping containers or movie fights scenes—not a bountiful harvest. Vertical farming may change that perception.

The business of weather

“How’s the weather out there today?” might be a simple question to ask, but coming up with an answer is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Lookin’ for supply chain commitment

The federal government wants a shiny new battery supply chain for electric vehicles (EVs). Capitalizing on Foxconn’s move away from China might be one way to nab it.

Glencore is obsessed with Teck

Like us hanging up on a seemingly endless stream of telemarketers, Canada’s largest diversified miner is repeatedly turning down an offer it has zero interest in.  

Canola exporters are crushing it (literally)

Big Canola is betting that canola oil will be used to deep fry potatoes and power vehicles.

TFSA day traders, beware

Canadian tax courts are cracking down on TFSA day trading, taking aim at investors that are doing so well that their trades could be classified as a business activity… well, kind of.   

The Bank of Canada holds steady

Tiff Macklem is nothing if not a man of his word. Despite mounting pressures, the Bank of Canada (BoC) kept its promise and continued to hold steady on interest rates.

Day trading in your TFSA? There might be a tax on that

Interest rates may go low again, says the IMF

High interest rates are hurting wallets, but there may be an end in sight.

Cracking down on review hijacking

Supplement-maker The Bountiful Company will pay a US$600,000 fine to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in a first-of-its-kind ruling against “review hijacking” on Amazon.

Return to the office… pretty please

Companies across the country are trotting out all sorts of new incentives to entice workers to trade in their sweatpants and mid-day naps for office life, per The Globe and Mail.

When Mounties pose as mobsters

The Mr. Big tactic has a 95% success rate in jailing criminals, but critics want it banned.

Why buy a mattress anywhere else?

While you’ve been counting sheep, Sleep Country has been counting dollars.