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Netflix gets creative with sports streaming

Love is Blind fans may never forgive Netflix for the outage that spoiled the live reunion, but the company is ready to venture back into live programming… only this time, with sports. 

ESPN cuts the cord

Cable TV isn’t dead yet, but ESPN’s departure might be the last nail in the coffin. 

What happened: Disney-owned ESPN plans to start offering its channel as a subscription streaming service, giving people access to the biggest live sports channel without needing to pay for a cable bundle, per The Wall Street Journal.

Hollywood haggles Canada

The Motion Picture Association (MPA)—a trade group made up of major Hollywood studios, including Disney and Netflix—published a report claiming that Canada’s system for defining homegrown content is unusually narrow and out of step with the rest of the world. 

Hollywood writers go on strike

The Writers Guild of America (WGA)—the union representing 11,500 scribes behind American film and TV—is on strike after failing to reach a new deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, AKA, the suits that sign their cheques. 

Netflix takes the stage

Ahhhh, the theatre! Home to William Shakespeare, brilliant actors throughout the ages, thousands of years of storied tradition, and now, a prequel to a Netflix original series.

Batgirl is stuck in the shadows

If you’re ever feeling bad about your spending habits, this might cheer you up: Warner Bros. has canned its upcoming “Batgirl” movie despite shelling out US$90 million to make it.