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Canada has a housing market twin

New Zealand and Canada have remarkably similar housing markets, with one big difference: Prices there are crashing harder than a toddler after a sugar rush.

Driving the news: A series of interest rate hikes have dragged down New Zealand home prices by ~18% over the past 18 months, erasing billions in wealth and helping spin the country into a recession, per The New York Times. 

Chris Spoke on Toronto’s hot new housing law

A new Toronto law allowing multiplexes—up to 4 units in a single building—anywhere in the city aims to bring more affordability to one of the epicentres of Canada's housing crisis. Could this be a blueprint for fixing the country’s housing shortage? We sat down with real estate developer and investor Chris Spoke to discuss how the rule changes will play out on the ground. 

Mike Moffatt explains why housing is so expensive

Earlier this year we sat down with one of the country’s keenest observers of the housing crisis, Mike Moffatt, to get to the bottom of why housing is so darn expensive in Canada. Mike is an Assistant Professor at Ivey and the Senior Director of Policy and Innovation at the Smart Prosperity Institute.

Big city landlords have a cash flow problem

Rents in Canada’s big cities are through the roof, and somehow many landlords are still losing money on their rental properties. It’s just another day in our wild, wild housing market. 

Driving the news: A report from CIBC and Urbanation found that most condo investors with a mortgage in the Greater Toronto Area were renting out their properties for less than they were paying to own them—in other words, they’re losing money every month. 

The housing shortage isn’t getting better

If you thought there already weren’t enough homes to go around, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) wants you to know you ain’t seen nothing yet

Driving the news: The CMHC says housing starts—a measure of how many new homes are being built—could nosedive 32% this year if inflation sticks around and interest rates remain high. 

The squeeze into storage

It turns out, the next “big space” is literally just more space.

A good house is hard to find

The Bank of Canada has promised to stop hiking interest rates. Housing developers are really hoping that’s true.

Foreign ban burns builders

Real estate developers say new rules aimed at boosting the housing supply may actually have the reverse effect.

Inflation and housing

Inflation is coming down, and the reason may lie in what’s happening in housing. 

How to steal a house

Stealing a house sounds like a difficult task, but recent scams show us it’s actually frighteningly easy.