Pay less for parking at Niagara Falls

If you plan on visiting the Falls this summer, you’ve probably already padded your budget a bit. The “Honeymoon Capital of the World” is notorious for its overpriced everything, but here’s a hack that could save you paying extra for parking at different attractions in the area. 

A daily parking pass for the area is $35, but this TikToker discovered that for an extra $5, you can buy an annual parking pass on your phone and then head to a parking office where they will print the permit for you.

Now you’ve got free parking for the entire year at any of the 17 Niagara Parks lots! 

  • It’s a smart purchase, even if you only spend a couple of days there. 

If you live in southern Ontario (or are just visiting on holiday) and plan on exploring the area, it’s a pretty good deal. You don’t have to spend all your time on Clifton Hill—check out the botanical gardens, Dufferin Islands or Niagara Glen.