What province has the best EV rebates

Planning for your next car to be electric? The final price you end up paying will depend on which province you’re in.

Driving the news: Canada is going all in on electric vehicles, pushing to make one-fifth of all new car sales electric by 2026 and phase out the sale of new fully-gas powered vehicles by 2035.

  • On the consumer side, the feds offer a rebate for Canadians who purchase some form of ZEV (zero emission vehicle) of up to $5,000, depending on the car you buy and its range. 

  • However, at the provincial level, rebates vary. Premier Doug Ford axed Ontario’s rebate program in 2018 as a cost-cutting measure. Still, other Premiers have created generous incentives for residents.

Here’s a breakdown of the provinces that make EVs more affordable:

  • Northwest Territories: Residents will get a $7,500 rebate on top of the fed’s $5,000 for plug-in (PHEV) and battery (BEV) electric vehicles, as well as cover up to $500 for a level 2 charger installation, but the rebate doesn’t apply to used vehicles.

  • Quebec: Residents are eligible for a $7,000 rebate when they buy a BEV or fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) with a purchase price of less than $60,000. Rebates for PHEVs vary based on battery capacity, from $300 to $5,000. And used BEV buyers can get a $3,500 rebate.

  • New Brunswick: New BEVs and PHEVs with a range of over 50 km get a $5,000 rebate. However, PHEVs with less range get half the rebate. Used EV buyers can benefit from a $1,000 rebate.

  • British Columbia: New BEVs, FCEVs and PHEVs with a range of over 85 km are eligible for a $4,000 rebate—but that depends on your income. You can get the total amount if you earn less than $80,000, but if you make over $100,000, you get zip. 

Why it matters: Transportation is one of the most expensive aspects of life. For many, EVs seemed like the equivalent of a Barbie Jeep for grown-ups—fun to have, but pricey and potentially not so practical.

But as EV manufacturers slash prices and governments provide incentive-boosting rebates, getting behind the wheel of an EV is becoming more affordable than ever—if you live in the right province.