Cash in on your education with alumni benefits

You might not be cruising on a college campus anymore, but just because you’re no longer a student doesn’t mean you can make use of those sweet alumni perks. If you’re still paying off your education, take advantage of various discounts that come with your degree.

Here are some of the ways your alumni status can save you money:

  • Car insurance. This is a fair baseline benefit that most colleges and universities will offer their graduates (except in provinces with publicly run insurance like British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba).

  • Sporting and theatrical events. Both the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia offer discounts for local sports teams. They also offer reduced admission for attractions in the area like the Royal Ontario Museum or the Museum of Anthropology.
  • Career services and continuous learning. The University of Manitoba offers its alumni a variety of career counselling and networking opportunities, as well as 50% extended education courses. 

Bottom line: You committed a lot of time and money to get that credential, but no matter how much money it’s helping you earn, you might as well take advantage of the money it can help you save as well.