Boxing day becomes Boxing Week

Did you score any big Boxing Day deals? It’s likely not too late—many post-Christmas sales are now lasting the entire week as retailers try to squeeze every last dollar out of the holiday shopping season.

Catch-up: Boxing Day is entrenched in Canadian culture. While the origins are debated, most people think it stems from Queen Victoria encouraging wealthy residents to "box up" their old wares to give to the poor.

  • Retailers adopted the practice, offering big discounts to shoppers as a late demonstration of Christmas goodwill—but also to make room for next year's shiny new inventory (the retail game is about bottom lines, not bleeding hearts.)

Why it matters: Boxing Day is an opportunity to stock up on stuff for next Christmas—you can snag decor, wrapping paper and cards for a fraction of the original price.

  • Expect to see tech, clothing and other high-turnover items heavily discounted.
  • Here’s a round-up of dozens upon dozens of Boxing Week deals across different products.

Yes, but: You will find better deals during Boxing Day sales, but the catch is there may be less selection—many retailers sell off a lot of their inventory before Christmas.