Airbnb wants you to bunk with strangers again

These days, it’s easy to find yourself in the midst of planning your dream vacation only to *checks bank account* realize, you know what, a weekend camping trip is actually just fine. 

What to do with all those Bed Bath & Beyonds?

If you’ve been looking to gift that special someone a lightly used retail outlet, act fast: nearly half of the now-emptying 65 Bed Bath & Beyond stores in Canada have been snapped up.

Breakin’ up BlackBerry

Just in time for the movie about its dramatic rise and fall, BlackBerry is back in the news. 

The battle to buy the Ottawa Senators

It’s not every day an NHL team goes up for sale, so interest in buying the Sens is booming. 

Celebrity partnerships? Not in this economy.

After realizing it couldn’t make a fashion line in partnership with freakin’ Beyonce marketable, Adidas is stepping back to reassess its entire business.

A no good week for mid-size banks

Since the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), it’s been tough sledding for US regional banks… and investors worry that First Republic could be the next to fall.

Budget furniture might start to look different

The company synonymous with “affordable furniture” is working hard to keep it that way. 

Rogers looks to the stars

Rogers wants you to look past The Great Outage and get excited that it has inked a new deal with SpaceX and Lynk Global to bring satellite wireless service to remote areas. 

What happened: Rogers will tap into SpaceX and Lynk's network of satellites to offer cell services in remote areas (including those long stretches of highway where you get one bar if you're lucky).

Microsoft’s gaming deal gets hard blocked

Microsoft’s proposed US$69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard is in jeopardy after the UK’s competition regulator delivered, to put it in gamer parlance, a 360 no-scope kill shot. 

Bing vs. Bard

Google parent Alphabet and Microsoft kicked off Big Tech earnings yesterday… and things actually went pretty well?