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Canada’s overhyping critical minerals

Canada has dreams of becoming a key player in the electric vehicle (EV) battery supply chain and has invested billions into domestic critical minerals mining to help make it a reality. 

But a new report from the University of Calgary highlights that Canada’s ambitions might be far-fetched. With less than 5% of proven critical mineral reserves needed for the global energy transition, regions like South America, Africa, and China might take centre stage. 

The future of farming is vertical

GoodLeaf, a Guelph-based indoor farm, raised $150 million from McCain and the investing arm of Québec insurer Power Corp to expand its greens into a national brand, per the FP.

Women’s pro soccer is coming to Canada

After the Canadian men’s national soccer team flamed out of the World Cup, a new group is trying to keep the fever alive and well… only with a focus on women players.

Salesforce executives jump ship

A corporate one-two punch has left the executive bench at Salesforce looking a bit empty

Hertz pays out on false arrest settlement

Rental cars can be the worst. Be it lumpy seats, a lingering odour from previous passengers, or, if you use Hertz, the potential of being arrested for a crime you didn’t commit.  

Volkswagen sets its sights on Canada

Volkswagen is setting its sights on Canada for a new electric vehicle (EV) battery factory after a recently signed agreement effectively added the country to a shortlist of potential locations for the company’s expansion to North America.

Rising rates drive exceptional earnings for banks

You won’t be surprised to hear that Canada’s big banks are raking in cash during a positive earnings season, but some are doing unusually well and have higher interest rates to thank.

Ski-Doo’s big year

Tough economic times mean that consumers have to take a good, hard look at what they buy, limiting purchases to only the essentials like groceries, rent, and… snowmobiles?

Get even bigger or go home

RBC is already the country’s largest bank by assets ($1.71T), but just because you’re the biggest doesn’t mean you can’t get even bigger.

Not enough remote work

Workers may want to stay remote, but employers want them in the office—and more job postings insist on just that, making fully remote (and sought-after) gigs harder to come by.