Canada’s office space problem

Source: Tim Mossholder / Unsplash.

A white-collar recession

Data from past recessions shows us that blue-collar workers usually bear the brunt of the impact. This time around, the trend could flip.  

The rise of food-recovery apps

If you’re looking to save some money on groceries (and who amongst us isn’t), some startups are hoping you’ll drop the coupon clipping in favour of mystery grab bags. 

First look into gig work

In what’s basically a rite of passage for any sector of the economy looking to be taken seriously, Stats Canada is now officially tracking the hard data around gig work. 

Canada’s job growth zooms past expectations

Like a beefy bro at the gym, Canada’s seeing some serious gains. Job gains from last month, that is.

The Great Retraining

What comes after a surge in employee turnover? A surge of untrained employees.

Factory activity slumps

Activity in Canada’s manufacturing sector is seeing its longest slowdown in seven years thanks to a drop in output, new orders, and purchasing activity, per Reuters.

Inflation is sticking around for the holidays

Many of us may be powering down for some holiday R&R, but inflation is still hard at work, making our lives even more expensive.

It’s getting more expensive to go to kids’ holiday recitals

If you have (or know any) children, you may have had the delight of attending at least one year-end recital this month. You may have also noticed that a night of watching them scamper in the spotlight has become pricier than ever

Central banks turn the page

Like many of us, the world’s central banks are ready for a re-brand in 2023: Out with the inflation-fighting and in with a more laid-back approach to rate hikes.