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The supply chain is healing

The sun is up, the birds are chirping, and maybe—if you look at a few key prices—the world’s battered supply chain is beginning to heal from the shock of the pandemic and war in Ukraine. 

Driving the news: Recent data suggest that some critical parts of global supply chains are functioning better than they have in years.
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The face-off around grocery greedflation

The feds are going to take a long, hard look at Canada’s biggest grocers to see if they’ve been stocking lies and deception alongside meats and produce in their stores.
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Alberta adopts the Texas playbook

A nurse, an accountant, and an engineer walk into a province. They all get jobs.

That’s one of several cheeky ads, paid for by the government of Alberta, taking over Canada’s busiest transit stations lately. It’s all part of a $2.6M “Alberta is Calling” campaign, which aims to lure skilled workers to the province with affordable housing and high wages.
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Selling out has a new meaning

Phil Collins and Genesis no longer have publishing rights to their recordings. They weren’t robbed, or anything… they’re just the latest musicians to sell them for a hefty sum. 
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All eyes on Credit Suisse

Whether you’re a regular person or a large Swiss bank, you know things have gone south when you’re left with no option but to change your name

… which may end up as the plan for Credit Suisse as the bank lurches from one crisis to another.   
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Employers want to pay you more (but not that much)

Employers have devised a novel plan to retain and sustain their workforce during these trying times of low unemployment and rising prices: It’s called “paying people more,” and it’s all the rage. 
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Hard landing ahead

Canada is headed for a moderate recession beginning next quarter mainly due to rising interest rates, according to an economic forecasting model developed by Oxford Economics.

Driving the news: There’s now a 63% chance of a recession in the next six months, according to the model, a probability threshold that has been passed in four of Canada’s six most recent recessions.
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What the languishing loonie means for you

Congratulations to anyone with any US dollars sitting around from that last trip down south, because the currency is on a tear. 

The loonie is sitting at its lowest levels against the US dollar in two years as rising geopolitical tensions, specifically Russia’s not-so-subtle nuclear threats and military mobilization, leave investors looking for safe places to park their money. 
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Inflation's down

Canadian consumer prices fell 0.3% last month, the biggest monthly drop in two years. 
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Central banks' Goldilocks problem

Central banks around the world have a tall task ahead of them: get the economy running not too hot, not too cold, but just right—or risk plunging the world into a historic recession.

That’s the message the World Bank is sending in a report documenting the risks presented by the most dramatic and widespread tightening of monetary policy since the 1980s (but no pressure, or anything). 

Why it matters: Inflation hurts, but a worldwide recession would be no picnic either—the World Bank estimates it would set the global economy back around 6 years, with GDP not reaching the pre-COVID 2024 forecast until the end of the decade.
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