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Opposition calls for an elections inquiry

A parliamentary committee voted to call on the Prime Minister to open an independent public inquiry into foreign interference of Canadian elections.

Provincial budget season kicks off

Provincial budget season is in full swing after Alberta and BC unveiled their #spendinggoals. In case you weren’t watching with popcorn in hand like we were, here’s the lowdown. 

Time up for TikTok?

A federal agency has very quietly decided the government shouldn’t be using TikTok.

China tried to sway election, CSIS reports

You can now add electoral influence to your list of “things the West and China are fighting about” in addition to spy balloons, research funding, and real estate investing.

Canada’s re-re-ticketing problem

Last year, over 40,000 migrants entered Canada through an unofficial border crossing linked with Québec. In the last six months, the feds have relocated over 5,300 to other provinces

BC decriminalizes drugs

BC is testing out decriminalizing drug possession—which nears the top of the “what not to bring up at a dinner party” list—with the rest of the country looking on and taking notes.

The house is back

Think your Sunday Scaries are bad? Members of Parliament returned to Ottawa after a six-week winter break with enough on their plates to keep yours truly hiding in bed. 

Hypothetical defences

The country’s top court is deciding whether pretend people can help defend real crimes.

Canada’s new jet set

After watching the new Top Gun, we’ve realized that fighter jets are super cool. We also suspect the timing of the government’s first jet order in three decades is no coincidence. 

CanCon gone wrong

Canada’s proposed Online Streaming Bill Canadian is starting to make creators sweat.