Canada’s transit networks need a shot in the arm

One of the favourite pastimes of any Canadian city-dweller is complaining about how much transit sucks. Clearly, Ottawa has heard enough of this grumbling.

Canada’s auto theft crisis starting to cool

Cars may still be expensive, but there is some good news: It’s becoming less likely that they’ll disappear from your driveway. 

Driving the news: Auto thefts across Canada fell 17% in the first half of the year compared to the same period in 2023, a cautiously optimistic sign that the country’s stolen vehicle epidemic is beginning to taper. 

Deceptive websites and dark patterns

Have you been “confirm-shamed” by a website?

Canada plans to hit NATO defence spending target

After being the NATO punching bag this week in D.C., Canada has finally given its allies what they wanted… sort of. 

A ‘buy local’ approach to Canada’s AI strategy

The government is about to drop a lot of cash on AI infrastructure, but there’s no guarantee that it will all stay in Canada.

Ottawa leans on influencers to reach Canadians

In the golden age of social media, influencers in Canada are getting a sneak peek at federal budget numbers like it’s a limited-time sneaker drop.

Ottawa hosts NATO chief

NATO’s head honcho paid Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a visit in Ottawa yesterday to discuss — over a fancy dinner, we’re sure — why Canada won’t spend more on its military.

Canada’s immigration tide is cresting

Canada’s surge in temporary residents might be, well, temporary

Driving the news: Temporary residents grew to 6.8% of Canada’s population last quarter, but new data suggests the immigration tide could be cresting.

Automated tax filing system could put billions in Canadians’ pockets

Soon, your taxes may be filed automatically—and according to new research, that could produce a nice little windfall for many Canadians.

Driving the news: The planned roll-out of an automatic tax filing service could see up to $1.6 billion in benefits paid out next year to people who don’t currently file taxes, according to a new study by the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO).

Auditor General Karen Hogan on holding government accountable

After a busy week in the headlines, Auditor General of Canada Karen Hogan sat down with The Peak to talk about her work, and her goals of making Canada better, one audit at a time.