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A carbon capture breakthrough

The world’s climate goals are banking on the success of carbon capture technology, and one start-up has just achieved a major breakthrough. 

Using genetic genealogy to solve cold cases

While you’re using DNA testing services to explore your neanderthal ancestry, the police are using the same data to solve crimes. 

Farewell to the leap second

It’s not every day that decisions are made that affect the passage of time itself, but here we are. 

Identifying flying objects

That one person in every friend group who’s secretly (or vocally) obsessed with aliens could soon be vindicated as NASA takes a fresh look into the unknown entities flying in our skies. 

Back to the moon

Space: not just for billionaires, anymore. Or at least that’s what NASA hopes to prove when it launches the most powerful rocket it has ever built today.

Why it matters: The mission, dubbed Artemis I, is the first step to returning people to the moon, a goal NASA hopes to achieve by 2025.