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YouTube’s certifying health professionals

From exercising organs to “hacking” menstrual cycles, there’s a ton of terrible medical advice on the internet… which is why YouTube is moving to certify channels of licensed professionals like doctors, nurses or therapists who produce health-related content.  

The AI boom is here

The rest of the tech world might be slumping, but in one sector the investor cash is flowing freely and startups are still fetching eye-popping valuations: The “generative artificial intelligence” space is booming like it’s 2021.

  • Generative AI is a catch-all term for AI tools that use sophisticated models to create new images, text, and other content rather than just analyzing something that already exists. 
Driving the news: Two major generative AI startups commanded unicorn-status valuations in recent fundraising rounds (something that wouldn’t be out of the ordinary two years ago, but has become much rarer lately).

Buy ads or bust

If Snap’s earnings are any indication of how social media companies are faring right now, the answer is: Not well, not well at all.

Starring as the comeback kid: Netflix

After a rocky year of subscriber losses and investor doubt, Netflix is back with ambitions bigger than a Stranger Things season premiere.

Meta must sell Giphy (in a jiffy)

Meta is selling Giphy after UK regulators ruled that its ownership of the popular GIF platform restricts consumer choice and hurts competition both in the ad and social media markets.

“The hell with it”: Musk says he’ll keep funding Ukraine’s Starlink

He doesn’t sound happy about it, but Elon Musk is apparently willing to keep footing the bill for Starlink access in Ukraine indefinitely. 

What happened: The SpaceX CEO tweeted that the company would continue funding the satellite internet service, a reversal from a day before when he said SpaceX would have to be compensated by the Pentagon if it was to continue operating in Ukraine.

Weather forecasting goes private

If you’ve tried to plan a day at the park recently, you’ve probably been the victim of “unpredictable weather.” 

Driving the news: Weather forecasts have always been unreliable (since the atmosphere is changing constantly), but as the weather becomes even more unpredictable, sports leagues, airlines, and even militaries are turning to private forecasters for answers. 

Let’s circle back… in the metaverse

A Zoom call is convenient, sure, but it lacks a certain je ne sais quois that you can only get through in-person meetings…

…that’s why Meta is betting that companies will pay $1,500 for the company’s new Quest Pro virtual reality headset, in its push to bring the metaverse to the corporateverse.

Meta employees aren’t interested in the metaverse either

Have you been spending time in the metaverse? No? That makes you and Meta employees.

Robot safety

Do you get really scared watching videos of those scarily agile robot dogs

Of course you do! In that case, you’ll be happy to know that the people who make them have promised that they will never let them hurt you.