Air Canada’s profits just aren’t taking off

The Farnborough International Airshow, one of the world’s largest aviation trade shows, kicked off yesterday amid some industry turbulence.

Ford trades EVs for pickups

Like a legacy rock band trying to cater to their audience, Ford is sticking to the hits at the expense of the new stuff.

Canada EV plant spending is in overdrive

Canada’s budget watchdog is warning that spending on the electric vehicle race is speeding out of control like a malfunctioning self-driving car.

Driving the news: The federal government says that it and the provinces have spent $46.1 billion so far to build the country’s EV supply chain. A new Parliamentary Budget Officer report begs to differ.

Motor coaches are a risky bus-iness

The wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round… as long as the operator can stay in business. 

What happened: Megabus Canada’s parent company, Coach USA, sold most of its bus lines to a holding company last week as it filed for bankruptcy protection.

Canadians want to love Via Rail

Jumping on the train might seem like a nice alternative to a traffic jam… until you realize your train is also sitting in a traffic jam. 

Many Canadians rely on the national passenger rail service: 4.1 million people hopped aboard a Via Rail train last year — a 25% jump from 2022 — and CEO Mario Péloquin says he expects to see a record of over five million passengers take a Via Rail train in 2024. 

Montréal has a plan to relieve its airport woes

Toronto Pearson gets all the bad press, but flying through Montréal’s international airport is no picnic, either. Case in point: It’s spending billions of dollars just to prevent traffic jams. 

What happened: Montréal-Trudeau International Airport will undergo a ~$4 billion plan to enhance capacity amid an influx of travellers. Developments will include new pickup and drop-off areas, a connection to the city’s REM rail network, and a new terminal.

Are we seeing an EV slowdown, or just a Tesla slowdown?

These are just a choice selection of analysts’ reactions to Tesla’s quarterly sales report. 

What happened: Like a deadbeat dad missing his child’s softball game, Tesla’s sales numbers were a massive disappointment. Despite technically regaining its title of top EV seller, the company seriously missed Wall Street estimates, sparking fears over its growth. 

Air passenger rights head to Supreme Court

Canada’s top court is hearing a case about an oh-so-common travel nightmare: flight cancellations. 

What happened: Members of the airline industry are appealing Canada’s air passenger protection rules in the Supreme Court, arguing that the feds don’t have the right to impose rules on foreign carriers and that compensation amounts go beyond passengers’ losses. 

Supersonic travel makes a comeback with Boom test flight

We’re one step closer to being able to fly from Vancouver to Tokyo in 6 hours — barely enough time to get through two in-flight movies (or one recent Scorcese flick).

What happened: Boom, an aviation startup building supersonic commercial jets, completed the first test flight of its prototype aircraft, the XB-1. 

Boeing woes likely leading to higher airfare

The odds that Boeing’s quality control issues will impact you directly — say, by a panel blowing off your plane mid-flight — are still low. The odds that they’ll impact you indirectly through pricier airfare, however, are quite high. 

Driving the news: Airlines are warning that they are facing delays for new planes from Boeing, which will reduce the number of routes they can fly and likely push up prices for flyers.