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Charging station shortage poses EV roadblock

Around the world, the push is on to get people to drive electric vehicles, but one big hurdle persists even in the most EV-friendly places: There just aren’t enough charging stations. 
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Your Kia is (kind of) safe in Canada

A year after the “Kia challenge”—the “challenge” is to steal a Kia—emerged on TikTok, software fixes haven’t stopped thieves from continuing to make off with stolen cars. 

In Canada, Kia owners are better off—kind of. 

The surge in thefts started after videos were posted online detailing how to exploit the cars’ lack of auto-theft prevention technology. Called immobilizers, they block you from being able to start a car without a key, a basic feature you’d think all cars would have. 

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WestJet pilots threaten to walk, not fly

If you thought long weekend travel couldn’t possibly get any more chaotic, think again. 
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Scan face to board

You use your face to unlock your phone, so why not use it to board a flight?
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Porter Airlines spreads its wings

After Canadian airlines followed up a disastrous summer with a somehow even more disastrous holiday season full of cancelled flights and luggage ending up in donation bins, the bar is looking pretty low for Porter Airlines to swoop in and grab some market share.
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Canada needs more pilots

Somebody needs to make Top Gun, but for regular airline pilots, because the profession is facing a shortage and could really use a shiny new recruitment tool.
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Dividing the skies

Air Canada and WestJet have been cutting domestic flight routes in recent months, a move that one business group thinks is fishier than an in-flight meal.
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Standard or automatic, Android or Apple?

The battle between blue and green bubbles is about to get a whole lot uglier as cars evolve into drivable devices and tech companies set their sights on partnerships with automakers. 
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VIA needs a buffer

In today’s normal, nothing-to-see-here news: VIA Rail is adding ‘buffer cars’ to its oldest passenger trains to absorb impact in the event of a crash. 
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Don't forget to charge the plane

The legroom situation is probably not improving, but one aspect of air travel is about to get a bit better: you’ll soon be able to fly (short distances) in Canada without burning any fuel. Air Canada is buying 30 electric-hybrid planes and says it will offer fully electric short-haul flights as early as 2028.

Why it matters: It’s a first step towards reducing emissions from aviation, which is a sector that’s particularly difficult to decarbonize and accounts for around 2.5% of total carbon emissions.
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