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Trouble in the air space

Boeing shares plummeted ~8% yesterday, which was to be expected after one of its planes blew a freakin’ hole in mid-air. Sorry, we still can’t believe that actually happened.

Driving the news: The 737 Max is again the most talked-about plane in aviation for all the wrong reasons.

Imagine, faster Canadian trains

A new bill is trying to move “fast trains” from a European ideal into a Canadian reality. 

Driving the news: Canada’s passenger train network is notoriously plagued with delays. But a proposed law would force railway owners and operators to prioritize passenger-filled trains over freight trains in any scheduling conflict — or pay a $250,000 fine for every infraction. 

GM buys itself a win over Tesla

Fed up with trying to crack the code of Tesla’s low manufacturing costs, GM decided it would just buy the EV maker’s secret weapon. 

Driving the news: General Motors has bought casting company Tooling & Equipment International (TEI), one of the manufacturing specialists that has allowed Tesla to produce vehicles at lower costs than its competitors, per Reuters

Brian Kingston on Canada’s transition to EVs

Can airships make a comeback?

Rarely can one event kill off an entire industry, but that’s exactly what happened to airship travel when the LZ 129 Hindenburg burst into flames above New Jersey in 1937.  

Seventy-six years later, a new line of blimp-trepreneurs are hoping the stigma has worn off.   

What happened: Pathfinder 1 — a prototype electric airship from the Sergey Brin-backed startup LTA Research — began flight testing yesterday. Clocking in at 407 feet long, it’s the largest aircraft in the world and the biggest one to take to the skies since the 1930s. 

Tesla pumps the production brakes

Hey, remember earlier this week when we raised concerns over flagging EV demand? Well, a more authoritative voice on the subject has now spoken: Elon Musk.

Driving the news: Tesla’s profits fell 44% last quarter thanks, in part, to vehicle price cuts. On the earnings call, Musk expressed worry over demand and said the company would wait to ramp up production at its new Mexican plant. Tesla shares fell by 9.3% on the bad news. 

The battle for EV truck supremacy

What do four-year-old boys and the electric vehicle (EV) market have in common? Both are obsessed with trucks.  

Driving the news: Tesla missed its delivery target last quarter, shipping out 7% fewer vehicles than it did in the preceding quarter. One thing that may have contributed to this miss: The fact that its long-awaited Cybertruck has yet to be sent out to buyers. 

Reece Martin on Canadian transit

Who needs a passport when you’ve got your face?

Physical passports and boarding passes could go the way of smoking sections on airplanes thanks to biometric technology. 

What happened: Next year, Singapore’s Changi Airport — ranked among the world’s best — will roll out a biometric system that lets travellers take off without having to flash their passports. The change will streamline operations as the airport welcomes more jet setters.

How did a Vietnamese EV company get so big while selling so few cars?

You’d think that to be one of the world’s most valuable car companies, you’d need to move a lot of hot rods.  Well… you’d be wrong.

Driving the news: Buzzy Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) maker VinFast disclosed in recent regulatory filings that nearly two-thirds of the vehicles it sold in the first half of the year were purchased by a taxi company owned by its parent company, Vingroup.