How vulnerable is the Canadian Arctic?

Canada is ill-equipped to detect ships in its Arctic waters, and the country’s Auditor-General is pointing fingers at the federal government for not doing enough to address the problem. 

America votes in the midterms

Americans head to the polls today, which means that by tomorrow there will be a crop of kooky new congresspeople that may or may not keep you awake at night.  

China urges Russia to park the nukes

China’s president Xi Jinping has gone from having “concerns” over the war in Ukraine to telling Russia to knock it off with the nuclear threats, saying they are “irresponsible and extremely dangerous.”

China locks down (again)

From squashing presidential term limits to picking fights with Taiwan, a lot is going on in China these days… so much so that we almost forgot about the zero-COVID crackdowns. 

The US dollar is wreaking havoc

A supercharged US dollar (USD) is beating up weaker global currencies like a schoolyard bully and leaving central banks scrambling to find a solution. 

Floating around oil price caps

The G7 price cap on Russian oil imports set to start December 5 has been touted as the biggest step yet in defunding the Russian war machine. But experts aren’t so sure. 

China vows to win chip war

The chip war is on, and we’re not talking about the always-heated debate about Doritos vs. Miss Vickies—this is the (just slightly) more important battle to control the world’s supply of the most advanced computer chips. 

Driving the news: Chinese President Xi Jinping committed to developing his country’s capacity to build its own cutting-edge semiconductors in a two-hour speech at the Communist Party’s twice-a-decade congress.

Can Truss outlast a lettuce?

Embattled British Prime Minister Liz Truss made (another) U-turn yesterday, firing her top finance official, Kwasi Kwarteng, and reversing her plans to slash the corporate tax rate. 

Catch up: All eyes are on Truss as she scrambles to hang on as Prime Minister after a disastrous first few weeks in office, during which her government’s economic proposals (which she heavily campaigned on) brought the UK to the edge of a financial crisis.

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Dream job alert: Get paid millions, tax-free, to build a gleaming city of the future from the ground up. 

There’s just one catch: Your employer is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and that city is Neom, the brainchild of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS, for short). 

Driving the news: Saudi Arabia is luring talent from around the world to work on the project with annual pay packages of over US$1 million for senior executives, per The Wall Street Journal, which stacks up to over 30% more than the typical CEO salary found at a major US company. 

Xi tries to three-peat

China’s most important political event begins this week, a twice-a-decade Communist Party gathering that will likely see President Xi Jinping secure a precedent-breaking third consecutive five-year term in office. 

Why it matters: Who leads China for the next five years (and their policies) will have enormous consequences for the global economy, which has come to depend on the Chinese economy as a critical manufacturing hub and consumer market.