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Starting at Covid Zero

For the first time, China’s President Xi Jinping has publicly acknowledged the protests that have erupted across the country in response to the government’s strict anti-Covid measures. 

Mexico comes up north

In the face of rising crime rates in Mexico, more Mexicans are looking to pack their bags and head north of the border… aaaand north of that border. 

Trouble brewing in China as protests sweep country

China’s government is facing a rare eruption of nationwide protests as frustration mounts over the country’s strict COVID restrictions. 

What happened: Videos posted on social media showed demonstrators calling for an end to the government’s zero-COVID policies and clashing with police in cities across China.

The World Cup of Controversy

Just a few days into the 2022 World Cup, feats of athleticism from the world’s best soccer players have been largely overshadowed by controversies and bold acts of defiance.  

Why the World Cup matters

Qatar spent ~US$300 million (roughly 6.8 Twitters) on World Cup 2022, making it the most expensive FIFA contest ever

But it all comes with a catch: That spending big will pay off in international clout.

How vulnerable is the Canadian Arctic?

Canada is ill-equipped to detect ships in its Arctic waters, and the country’s Auditor-General is pointing fingers at the federal government for not doing enough to address the problem. 

America votes in the midterms

Americans head to the polls today, which means that by tomorrow there will be a crop of kooky new congresspeople that may or may not keep you awake at night.  

China urges Russia to park the nukes

China’s president Xi Jinping has gone from having “concerns” over the war in Ukraine to telling Russia to knock it off with the nuclear threats, saying they are “irresponsible and extremely dangerous.”

China locks down (again)

From squashing presidential term limits to picking fights with Taiwan, a lot is going on in China these days… so much so that we almost forgot about the zero-COVID crackdowns.