Rise of the unretired

Retirees used to spend their time sunning in Florida. These days, they’re going back to work

FTX is out

And just like that, one of the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency exchanges has fallen.

America votes in the midterms

Americans head to the polls today, which means that by tomorrow there will be a crop of kooky new congresspeople that may or may not keep you awake at night.  

CanCon gone wrong

Canada’s proposed Online Streaming Bill Canadian is starting to make creators sweat.  

Airbnb puts cleaning fees on display

Executives at Airbnb want you to know they have, in fact, read all your angry tweets about out-of-control cleaning fees, and that they’re listening and learning. 

Climate conference checks the to-do list

This year’s UN climate conference, COP27, is underway in Egypt, with leaders from 120 countries gathering to talk climate change—but with little progress made on promises from last year’s summit and energy in short supply, there’s unlikely to be much appetite for big commitments. 

Why it matters: While previous COP conferences have produced headline-grabbing pledges to limit emissions, discussions this year will focus on actually achieving some of those goals.

Apple’s expands ad push to The Beautiful Game

Apple is building an advertising network for live television to accompany Major League Soccer (MLS) matches streaming on its platform, part of the company’s aggressive push into the ad business. 

Catch up: Apple signed a 10-year deal (estimated to be worth US$2.5 billion) to stream MLS games on the Apple TV app beginning next year. 

China urges Russia to park the nukes

China’s president Xi Jinping has gone from having “concerns” over the war in Ukraine to telling Russia to knock it off with the nuclear threats, saying they are “irresponsible and extremely dangerous.”

The four-day workweek makes strides

Unilever, the multinational giant that owns brands from Ben and Jerry’s to Dove soap, is the biggest corporation yet to give a big thumbs up to a potential four-day workweek. 

Not even sheep can help Canadians sleep

Daylight saving time starts tomorrow! In exchange for not seeing the sun after work until spring, you’ll get an extra hour of sleep—odds are, that’s something you desperately need.

The economics of online returns

Are there any words sweeter than "free shipping?" But with new return policies in place, just because you got your items shipped for free doesn't mean sending them back is on the house too. 

Soon we’ll all be cyborgs

As the world becomes increasingly like a sci-fi novel, new devices are letting human bodies do things that once seemed impossible. 

Addressing recession fears

Nothing says fall like a pipin’ hot plate of economic analysis.

Education workers walk

Over 55,000 Ontario education workers, including early childhood educators, educational assistants and custodians, are set to walk off the job today. 

The good, the bad, and the ugly for the first-time buyers

Falling housing prices may seem like a boon for first-time buyers who have until now been priced out of home ownership, but it’s not all good news for people trying to get into the market.

Detecting wildfires with AI

From the same company that brought you the “how busy is the bus I’m currently sitting on,” Google is expanding its life-saving features of wildfire detection and flood forecasting tools.   

Musk makes his mark

Less than a week into his tenure as “Chief Twit” turned “Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator,” Elon Musk is moving quickly to make his mark on Twitter by revamping its business model.

The journey to 5% interest

The US Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 75 percentage points, bringing its benchmark rate range to 3.75%-4% and effectively making any type of debt (mortgages, credit cards, auto) a little bit pricier.

Canada’s open for skilled labour

The feds have flicked on a big, bright “OPEN” sign with a new three-year immigration plan to get skilled workers into the country (and address that darn labour crunch).