What’s new with taxes this year

Time to scrounge up those old receipts and grab a calculator—it's tax season! But this year, filing will be a bit different as some new rules and programs go into effect. 

The disappearance of remote jobs

Work From Home is definitely here to stay, but unfortunately, not for everyone.

Layoffs hit the media landscape

Not to be outdone by Big Tech, the media sector is also battling a series of shocking layoffs.

Pricey groceries

$37 chicken, $14 yogurts, and $8 cabbage? Apparently, we haven’t seen the worst of it, as groceries are set to become even more expensive in the coming months.

Employees want a slice of the pie

A new lobby group wants Canada to embrace the idea of employee-owned businesses.

China’s facial recognition business

China’s manufacturing sector may be slowing, but its facial recognition industry is booming.

Shake up in Ukraine

As Ukraine gears up for what’s been called a pivotal moment in its war with Russia,  President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is suddenly dealing with newfound problems at home.

How to steal a house

Stealing a house sounds like a difficult task, but recent scams show us it’s actually frighteningly easy.

Citadel makes history

India steps up

Offshoring your manufacturing to China is so yesterday. Right now, it’s all about India.

Invasion of the AI hiring bots

Sending out your CV but not getting any bites? The issue may not be you—AI bots could be screening your resume before a human even sees it.

Good vibes in the global economy

We don’t want to jinx it, but the global economy may be starting to shake off the winter blues.

Canada joins the space race

The federal government wants to get into the space race, announcing plans to support a domestic rocket launch industry.

Canada needs more pilots

Somebody needs to make Top Gun, but for regular airline pilots, because the profession is facing a shortage and could really use a shiny new recruitment tool.

Fixing healthcare

Amid a flurry of recent announcements, it’s clear that efforts to help a healthcare industry in crisis are kicking into high gear.

Google’s great AI push

When it rains, it pours. At least when it comes to tech layoffs, with Google-parent Alphabet becoming the most recent big name to announce a major headcount reduction. 

TikTok opens up

TikTok is prepared to open its algorithms to regulators in a move that could permanently change the relationship between governments and social media giants.

High-profile hacking

The image of hackers in the popular imagination is likely that of shadowy weirdos (or a gaggle of absurdly-dressed teens), but one group is giving hacking a more professional sheen.

Debt ceiling drama

Folks, it’s time to talk about the US debt ceiling. We can already sense your eyelids drooping, but—stick with us here—this is important stuff.