The first geothermal power plant is underway

Tired of hearing about wind, solar, and hydrogen energy? You’re in luck. There’s a hot new renewable energy source on the scene that is literally so hot.

Milestone reached for modular reactors

Someone call Homer Simpson because Canada could soon need a lot more nuclear engineers.

Canada’s oil sands have a big year ahead of them

As Canada ramps up efforts to meet its lofty decarbonization goals, the country’s oil sands are scrambling to keep up.

Europe’s natural gas miracle

The (figurative, economic) storm clouds are starting to break in Europe as peak inflation has come and gone—thanks to sliding natural gas prices.

Catchin’ cleaner flights

Wouldn’t you love to fly across the world knowing you weren’t also contributing to climate change? Well, soon that dream could become a reality.

Solar is taking over

Solar power will overtake coal as the world’s largest source of electricity by 2027, according to a new International Energy Agency (IEA) report.

Why it matters: The rapid growth of solar power as a part of the world’s energy mix (it accounted for less than 1% of power capacity in 2010) is revolutionizing how the world generates its electricity. 

Scientists make fusion breakthrough

The promise of abundant, clean, and cheap energy has been a staple of sci-fi forever, but a breakthrough by scientists at a US laboratory could make that dream a reality. 

What happened: A team of researchers at California’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory generated a net energy gain in recent fusion experiments, per the Financial Times

Europe bans Russian oil

Western efforts to starve Russia of its oil revenue kick into a new gear today with a double-pronged attack on its energy exports. 

Driving the news: A European ban on the seaborne import of Russian oil came into effect today, along with a G7-imposed price cap meant to stop other countries from buying Russian oil at high prices.

Canada’s first economic espionage

For the first time in Canadian history, the RCMP has laid down charges for economic espionage, in a story that feels ripped from the pages of a paperback spy thriller.

Oh, there’s natural gas after all

Remember when Europe faced those “unprecedented risks” to its natural gas supply earlier this month? That was then. Now, the continent is basically swimming in it.