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G7 agrees to cap Russian oil

G7 nations have agreed to impose a cap on the price of Russian oil imports, despite Russian threats to cut off cold turkey any country that tries to mess with its energy business.

Germany explores Canadian energy

Germany’s chancellor Olaf Scholz has touched down in Canada and is ready to make an energy deal that absolutely does not include Russia. 

High natural gas prices? Where?

The demand for natural gas has soared this year, but producers in Alberta have been unable to capitalize on higher prices (and are seeing billions lost in revenue). 

Russian oil is doing just fine

When Russia invaded Ukraine back in February, sanctions sounded like the right idea: Squeeze Russia’s economy until the fallout renders it unable to continue fighting the war.

But in reality, things have played out a little bit differently. 

Canada’s energy battleground moves east

Big battles over energy policy aren’t just for Western Canada anymore. Environmental groups are gearing up to fight plans to build new energy infrastructure on the East Coast that would export liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Canada to Europe.

What happened: Major environmental campaigners, including the Sierra Club and Greenpeace, launched the “StopTheGas” coalition last week to oppose LNG projects on the East Coast.