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When Mounties pose as mobsters

The Mr. Big tactic has a 95% success rate in jailing criminals, but critics want it banned.

Tax workers prep to hit the picket line

If you thought tax season couldn’t get any more stressful, the people responsible for processing those returns are out of office for the foreseeable future.

24 Sussex is in literal shambles

When 24 Sussex Drive, the Prime Minister’s official residence since 1951, was shut down over health concerns last year, we thought, “How bad could things possibly be?” 

Navy calls for all hands on deck

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) is hoping to say ahoy to more mateys amid a shortage in the service.

Feds tighten loan shark rules

With interest rates and the cost of living way up, at least one important number is going down—the maximum interest rate on loans.

It’s federal budget day

Strap on a new pair of shoes and step into the 2023 federal budget analysis. 

What happened: We were warned the government’s budget would not offer a “goodie bag” and unless you’re part of the green economy, that’s probably true. New spending will focus on clean energy investments and national dental care. 

Why it matters: In any budget, whether it involves government spending or a week in France, there’s a balance to be struck between splurging on “key priorities” and not blowing the bank. This budget tends toward the former.

Feds turn in a tighter budget

If you’ve been anxious about your household budget lately, take heart: The federal budget very likely involved some truly stomach-churning decisions.

The latest election interference drama

The latest Chinese interference drama has offered us a very valuable lesson: always confirm any hot goss you get before spreading it around.

TikTok’s legal drama heats up

Yesterday, Congress had its first opportunity to grill TikTok CEO Shou Chew about the company’s relationship with its Chinese owner, ByteDance, its handling of US user data, and the risks it may pose to teens. And, well, we knew we were in for some spicy questions.

Biden’s big arrival

Make sure to be on your best behaviour, everyone! We’ve got an important guest visiting.