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Waffling weather brings out the sap

Maple syrup producers are tapping their trees earlier than ever, thanks to a changing climate. And for many Canadian producers, that means more sap on tap.

Climate-conscious eating

On top of calories and animal welfare, consumers are adding climate impact to the list of things to worry about when deciding what to have for dinner.

Winter weather strikes

With most of the country affected by an extreme cold or winter storm alert—or both—the biggest travel weekend of the year is sure to be an eventful one.

Why it matters: This is the first holiday season during which large parts of the country are not affected by strict Covid restrictions since 2019, but forecasters expect dangerous weather conditions to guarantee another year of disrupted plans for millions of Canadians.

Beware of the plastics

A nationwide ban on the production and import of some single-use plastic items, including grocery bags, cutlery, straws (remember those?), and takeout containers, is now in effect

Hopping off the EV bandwagon

It seems like most carmakers are aboard the electric vehicle (EV) bandwagon these days… 

COP15 begins in Montreal

The UN’s COP15 biodiversity conference has brought its 10,000 participants to Montréal this week to discuss how to protect and increase the world’s plant and animal life.

Rich countries agree to fund disaster recovery at climate conference

NASA’s new satellite is here to help the planet

In the wee hours of yesterday morning, NASA launched JPSS-2—its newest satellite, which will join a global observation system that analyzes the Earth’s weather patterns. 

Climate conference checks the to-do list

This year’s UN climate conference, COP27, is underway in Egypt, with leaders from 120 countries gathering to talk climate change—but with little progress made on promises from last year’s summit and energy in short supply, there’s unlikely to be much appetite for big commitments. 

Why it matters: While previous COP conferences have produced headline-grabbing pledges to limit emissions, discussions this year will focus on actually achieving some of those goals.

Detecting wildfires with AI

From the same company that brought you the “how busy is the bus I’m currently sitting on,” Google is expanding its life-saving features of wildfire detection and flood forecasting tools.