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Troops deployed in wake of Fiona’s “total devastation”

Canadian troops arrived in Nova Scotia to help clean up in the wake of Fiona, a hurricane-strength post-tropical storm that swept through the region over the weekend. 

Catch up: The storm left more than half a million people in Atlantic Canada without power on Saturday, and 344,000 outages were still being reported as of Sunday (including almost the entirety of Prince Edward Island), according to

Canada needs to step up its environmental game

A new climate coalition filled with insurance companies, disaster experts, Indigenous groups and municipalities is calling the federal government’s new climate goals ‘‘vague and distant”.

Canada’s corporate climate clunker

Okay, so Canada’s fallen behind on EV adoption. But let’s look at another area of the climate fight: Curbing corporate emissions. We must be leading at that, right?

*Looks at a new report on corporate emissions* Oh c’mon!  

Canada’s pulling up the rear in the EV race

Almost half of Canadians want their next car to be an EV, which might be a big ask as the country falls behind in the race to electrify the roads.   

Some berry good news

As California experiences its worst drought in 1200 years (no, somehow that’s not a typo), two of North America's largest fruit sellers are looking to Canada to grow their berries

Emissions from the online shopping boom

As last year’s lockdowns drove online spending to new heights, Amazon’s carbon emissions grew 18% from the year before, according to the company’s latest sustainability report.